Interlachen Country Club was founded in 1983 by Mr. Selby Sullivan.

There were certainly many long, frustrating days during the inception of the Club, but his hard work and determination resulted in one of the finest Clubs in the state of Florida. Selby moved back to the Orlando area in the early 80's and felt there was the need for another private golf club. He, along with Bob Gardner, began looking for vacant land and/or another club which might be available for sale. After months of searching, they found our current location which was comprised of various amounts of acreage owned by several landowners. The 270 acres of mostly "muck" land was assembled and purchased. The Club was then incorporated in 1983.

At this point, Selby and Bob began developing a group of "Founder Members" which eventually grew to 50 individuals. There was now enough capital to begin the project and Joe Lee was contracted to design the golf course. It was anticipated that less than 800,000 yards of dirt would need to be moved to construct the course, but over 1.5 million yards of earth were eventually moved to contour the land as you see it today. This extra fill was acquired from the planned lakes which are now more numerous and much deeper than originally planned.

The inaugural round of golf was played on November 23, 1985. Modular trailers were in place, but no buildings were constructed at this point. The first clubhouse was the tennis/swim building and the fitness facility served as the dining room. The main clubhouse and locker rooms were available to the membership in November 1988.